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Christiaan Gerhardus Joubert, better known to his colleagues as Tiaan Joubert, was admitted as an attorney in 2000. He received his B.Proc and LLB degrees from the University of Pretoria, and has been based in Pretoria since then. He obtained a Certificate in Advanced Labour Law in 2000. He opened his own firm in 2002 and has since then practised for his own account.

Practice Areas

Our firm is dedicated to high ethical and professional standards within an environment of service excellence and professional competence. The firm subscribes to a culture of providing results as a value proposition to its clients.

As a legal advisor and general practitioner, Tiaan has extensive and broad experience in various areas of legal practice. He was approached by a legal consultancy firm in 2001 and was appointed as an outsourced legal advisor for a major iron ore mining company, steel manufacturer and tertiary institution. During his employment with the consultancy firm, he specialized in drafting of contracts and litigation based on contractual disputes, which continued when he left the consultancy, to act as its attorney. His gained experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • High Court Litigation;
  • Applications to the Constitutional Court;
  • Appeals to the Supreme Court of Appeal;
  • Magistrate’s Court litigation (inclusive of both District and Regional Courts);
  • Criminal law (High Court, District Court and Regional Court);
  • Labour law; and
  • Family law.
  • Family Law

    Whether it be an antenuptial agreement or divorce, family matters tend to be much more complicated due to the emotional aspect that it is, understandably, accompanied by. We attempt to make the process as painless and as quick as we possibly can, taking our clients through the process step by step. We take care of the legal aspects whilst you focus on your emotional wellbeing.

    “The law is reason, free from passion.” – Aristotle

    Commercial Law

    We have developed a comprehensive skill set across corporate mergers and acquisitions law, acting for both listed and unlisted companies in a variety of transactions, including sales of shares, joint ventures and BEE transactions.

    Our areas of work include:

    Sale of shares, BEE transactions, Structuring private equity transactions, Joint ventures, Due diligence investigations and reports, Drafting of documents, Listings and IPO’s, Restructuring of companies, Sale and Purchase of Companies

    Insurance Law

    We specialize in providing a broad range of insurance law services to our clients. These include advice and guidance regarding the various applicable legal considerations, the drafting of policies and agreements, advice regarding insurance advice and outsourcing, insurance dispute resolution services, advice regarding product liability, personal accident and disability, asset and business insurance, professional indemnity insurance, as well as warranties and indemnities.

    Criminal Law

    Criminal procedure encompasses the entire process that starts when a person who is suspected of having committed an offence or has become involved in a criminal process of whatsoever nature approach us, to the acquittal of the accused of such offence. We also provide our clients with after-hours bail assistance.

    Assistance may range from a legal opinion on: Criminal proceedings, bail applications, representation during a criminal trial, to initiate an appeal and other related procedures.

    Labour and Employment Law

    We have a robust track record in advising the corporate community on all employment issues relating to labour matters, with a special focus on dispute resolutions pertaining to various forums within the labour sector. Bargaining councils and trade unions have contributed to the complexity of the current South African Labour law. We have assisted many clients whether an employer or employee with successfully resolving labour disputes. We have further advised on collective bargaining issues; drafting employment contracts and agreements; and help develop and implement fair, commercially viable policies and procedures in several industries within the private sector.

    We offer skilled and professional services including, but not limited to: CCMA and Labour Court representation, Employment Equity, Occupational Health and Safety, Dismissal and incapacity, Employment Contracts, Recruitment and Selection.

    Financial Law

    Debt Collection: Our firm assists clients to realign their debt strategies through soft debt collection means as well as those that require legal steps to be completed. When handling these services, our team ensures that measures are taken to protect clients’ reputations while taking into account the requirements and positions of their businesses when collecting from non-compliant debtors.

    Credit Law: NATIONAL CREDIT ACT - The National Credit Act 34 of 2005 (“the act”) comprises of various legally binding aspects enticing both consumers and credit providers which includes, amongst others, credit agreements, incidental credit agreements, credit applications, exclusions from the act, reckless credit, registration as a credit provider with the National Credit Regulator, Credit Law and the consequences of non-registration.

    Property Law

    The right to own and transfer immovable property remains an integral part of our legal system, and greatly impacts upon personal and financial planning. There are a plethora of regulatory laws and continuing legislative changes impacting on planning, development, land use, transfers etc. It is therefore a highly specialized field in our legal system which requires strict compliance.

    We are aware that every transaction is unique and we, therefore, suggest that you consult with us to assist you in any transfer related queries you may have, so as to ensure that we can assist you in the transfer of your property in an effective and effortless manner.

    Our Team

    Tiaan Joubert


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    The PAA is the largest regional voluntary attorneys' association in the Republic and its services include offices for attorneys away from their offices at both the Magistrate’s Court and the High Court, regular liaisons with various stakeholders such as the Deputy Judge President of the Gauteng Division, court managers of the various Tshwane based courts, the Registrars of the Pretoria Deeds office, CIPC, Master of the High Court and others. The PAA during the Covid-19 pandemic initiated various projects at the High Court to assist its Registrars and attorneys to eradicate the backlog. Tiaan was involved with these projects, as well as with matters where the Master of the High Court and the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform were respectively bought to task.

    Tiaan has served as a member of the Pretoria Attorneys’ Association’s (PAA) Executive Committee since 2008. He is the chairperson of the PAA since 2016 and was once again re-elected for the 2022/2023 term

    He is a founding member of the Gauteng Attorneys’ Association (GAA) and was appointed as one of its first co-chairpersons in 2018. He was appointed as the GAA's chairperson for the 2022/2023 term.

    The GAA is an umbrella voluntary association comprising the Pretoria Attorneys Association (PAA), Johannesburg Attorneys Association (JAA), West Rand Legal Practitioners’ Association (WRLPA) and the Soweto Legal Fraternity (SLF). The GAA exco members comprises of specialist in various legal fields and from all across the spectrum. They meet on a regular basis with various stakeholders on a provincial and inter-provincial level, such as, the Judge President, the respective Deputy Judge Presidents of the Gauteng Division and their chief registrars, the Registrar of Deeds, the Chief Master, the Commissioner of the Companies and intellectual Property Commission (“CIPC”), to name but a few.

    The PAA and its sister associations within the GAA have taken over the trade union function of the now defunct Law Society of the Northern Provinces and acts in attorneys' best interests in various specialised fields of law. The aforesaid associations have been actively involved in several litigation matters pertaining to the RAF, Deeds Office, Master of the High Court and others, either as a party to such applications or as amicus curiae.

    Tiaan was a Counsellor of the Gauteng Law Society from 2014 until its dissolution in 2018. He was the convener of both the GLC's Bursary Scheme and Subsidies sub-committees.

    He represents the Gauteng Constituents on the Law Society of South Africa. He is also part of the Legal Sector Code Steering Committee, and serves on the Human Resources Committee. Tiaan has liased with the Sheriff’s Board on behalf of the LSSA on occasion.

    Tiaan was requested in 2021 to assemble a task team to assist the Deputy Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development (DM) regarding the problems attorneys face at the offices of the respective Masters of the High Court.

    Tiaan was elected as a councillor to the Gauteng Legal Practise Council in 2022. He is the current chairperson of the Professional Affairs committee

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